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As a leader in urban culture and entertainment, AfrovibesTV & Radio decided it was time to showcase our love for the most cultural beverage in the world, that’s right! Coffee! Afrovibes Coffee is determined to become a daily necessity for coffee addicts, a coffee to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life. With the growing demand for high-quality coffee and great service, Afrovibes Coffee capitalize on the daily desire for millions of Americans longing for an espresso-based coffee drink.A niche exists that has yet to be filled for a high-volume, cold brew dairy free coffee.  Afrovibes Cold Brew Coffee meets this need and fills this niche. We offer high-quality products that are healthy for everyone.

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Because coffee is a lifestyle.

Our mission is to produce the world’s ultimate healthy cold brew coffee experience with the highest-quality products, a superior taste, and provide top notch service. In addition to creating stronger communities through our brand and coffee, where a cup of coffee is a moment to share. A coffee with a Vibe!  Pure coffee. Pure community. Pure experience.

Now available in Mocha or Vanilla! Get yours today!!

Coffee so good, it might as well be magic.

A cup of coffee, a moment of your time.

Afrovibes Cold Brew dairy free Coffee is low in saturated fats, making it a healthier option compared to dairy milk. Our cold brew coffee is made with Oat milk which has a wheaty heaviness which is preferred by most vegan coffee enthusiasts, and it is also perfect for those that are lactose intolerant.


Afrovibes Coffee has a light sweetness that’s just too irresistible. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee on your way to work or taking a break over a cup with friends, coffee has become a part of our culture, and as our love for the beverage has grown, so have the number of available coffee variants.


Where coffee and community come together. Coffee, Inspiration, Passion. Coffee worth talking about.We make coffee more enjoyable.It’s not just a café. It’s a philosophy.

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